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Gas leaks often caused by avoidable damage to utility lines

Reuters Nathan Phillips, College of Arts & Sciences Many petroleum accidents that can cost lives and cause injuries involve utilities, and the culprit is often homeowners or construction workers damaging or cutting lines, a US study suggests… Expert quote: “People don’t realize that gardening or remodeling can cause a leak, and even the experts don’t […]

The Conversation USA – Nathan Phillips

Will Obama's 'fugitive methane' plan reduce or increase our dependence on natural gas? By Nathan Phillips, Boston University Like many Americans concerned with climate change and energy security, I reacted with high hopes to the President Obama’s proposal to reduce leaks of methane gas from oil and gas drilling. But on closer reading, the plan […]

The city is an ecosystem, pipes and all

Boston Globe (subscription required) Lucy Hutyra, College of Arts & Sciences Pamela Templer, College of Arts & Sciences Nathan Phillips, College of Arts & Sciences Is a tree trying to survive in the city better off than a tree growing in the forest? The obvious answer would seem to be “no”: City trees face pollution, […]

Gas firms sign contracts to use Kinder Morgan pipeline

Lowell Sun Nathan Phillips, College of Arts & Sciences The company proposing a natural-gas pipeline across Massachusetts is one step closer to making that pipe dream a reality, securing a first round of commitments from local and regional gas companies that would use the pipeline for transport… Expert quote: “When the rationale is put there […]

Google Earth captures city’s leaky gas pipelines

Boston Globe (subscription required) Nathan Phillips, College of Arts & Sciences Google Earth’s prowling map cars have helped produce the latest image of Boston’s leaky gas pipelines and offered an example of how sensors are starting to make environmental information more public… Expert quote: “Taking this information and making it more publicly accessible is an […]

Google Streetview cars sniff out gas leaks in cities

New Scientist Nathan Phillips, College of Arts & Sciences Now Google StreetView cars can do more than let you explore places you have never visited. Sensors strapped to the top of the cars have mapped hundreds of methane leaks around Boston, New York’s Staten Island and Indianapolis… View full article quoting expert Nathan Phillips