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Gas leaks: A hidden culprit for dead trees

StateImpact (NPR) Nathan Phillips, College of Arts & Sciences Fall is tree planting season. That’s because they get enough water and can lie dormant before gearing up to grow in the spring… Expert quote: “The causal mechanisms are most likely, primarily, oxygen deprivation. Roots need oxygen to grow and maintain themselves, and natural gas has […]

Cry at Council hearing: Let’s deal with gas leaks in city – right now

Dorchester Reporter Nathan Phillips, College of Arts & Sciences When a duplex on Dorchester’s Hansborough Street exploded on a chilly April night last year, the entire block shook… Expert quote: “It’s common practice for gas companies to list dead and dying plants as an indicator of gas leak activity.” View full article

Gas leaks often caused by avoidable damage to utility lines

Reuters Nathan Phillips, College of Arts & Sciences Many petroleum accidents that can cost lives and cause injuries involve utilities, and the culprit is often homeowners or construction workers damaging or cutting lines, a US study suggests… Expert quote: “People don’t realize that gardening or remodeling can cause a leak, and even the experts don’t […]

The Conversation USA – Nathan Phillips

Will Obama's 'fugitive methane' plan reduce or increase our dependence on natural gas? By Nathan Phillips, Boston University Like many Americans concerned with climate change and energy security, I reacted with high hopes to the President Obama’s proposal to reduce leaks of methane gas from oil and gas drilling. But on closer reading, the plan […]

The city is an ecosystem, pipes and all

Boston Globe (subscription required) Lucy Hutyra, College of Arts & Sciences Pamela Templer, College of Arts & Sciences Nathan Phillips, College of Arts & Sciences Is a tree trying to survive in the city better off than a tree growing in the forest? The obvious answer would seem to be “no”: City trees face pollution, […]