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When Dickens’s dream of Lowell came crashing down “Brainiac” Natalie McKnight, College of General Studies On December 15 I wrote a story for Ideas about new research suggesting Charles Dickens may have found inspiration for “A Christmas Carol” in an unexpected place: a literary journal called “The Lowell Offering” written by Lowell “mill girls” that Dickens encountered on his 1842 tour of the United […]

Was Dickens’s Christmas Carol borrowed from Lowell’s mill girls?

Boston Globe (subscription required) Natalie McKnight, College of General Studies The industrial city of Lowell might seem a world apart from the fireside British scenes we associate with Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol.”… Expert quote: “There’s a way in which [the Lowell women] pulled together the supernatural elements, the Christmas setting, the sentiment, that theme […]