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What happened after Ben Carson said a Muslim should never be president

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Nancy Ammerman, School of Theology Any Hispanic watching the current Republican presidential race could be forgiven for wishing he were Muslim… Expert quote: “Seventh-day Adventists are good ol’ King James-version, Bible-believing folks, but they do a have a variety of doctrines that have caused a variety of evangelicals to argue with them over […]

Experts Media Alert – Pew Research Center study on America’s changing religious landscape

A new study by the Pew Research Center found that the share of Christians in the United States dropped from 78.4% to 70.6% between 2007 and 2014, while those Americans who say they are not religiously affiliated increased from 16.1% to 22.8% during the same period. What does mean for the future of religion in […]

Why the South Is the Region With the Fewest Breweries

The Atlantic Nancy Ammerman, School of Theology It may be hard to imagine now, but American ale-drinkers previously had few alternatives to the mass-produced beers that The Economist once (not incorrectly) deemed “fizzy dishwater.”… Expert quote: “Between the two of them, they account for a very large proportion of the population in the South.” View […]

Religious vs. spiritual: Study says the truly ‘spiritual but not religious’ are hard to find

Deseret News Nancy Ammerman, School of Theology The term “spiritual but not religious” has, over the last decade, evolved from an academic definition to a widely used label for people who have abandoned traditional congregations in favor of a more solitary form of belief and worship… Expert quote: “People who occupy this spiritual-but-not-religious category are […]

Southern Baptist Trying to Reach a “Slightly Broader Base”

WMOT Nancy Ammerman, School of Theology A researcher who’s written extensively about the Tennessee based Southern Baptist Convention says the nation’s largest protestant denomination is trying to broaden its appeal to a wider segment of the population… Expert quote: “More recently they’ve been broadening their concern into areas of human trafficking, prison reform, and other […]