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UW involved in large study on the genetics of blindness

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Lindsay Farrer, School of Medicine An international study involving 26 centers around the world has produced a more detailed picture of the genetic factors involved in age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the elderly… Expert quote: “Using the concept of personalized medicine, the goal would be to develop a drug […]

Hospitals, doctors moving out of poor city neighborhoods to more affluent areas

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Alan Sager, School of Public Health Hospitals and family doctors, the mainstays of health care, are pulling out of poor city neighborhoods, where the sickest populations live… Expert quote: “In a competitive free market, efficient hospitals would be likelier to survive. That hasn’t happened, providing evidence that no such market is present.” […]

In Milwaukee and U.S., hospitals follow money to suburbs

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Alan Sager, School of Public Health When Aurora Health Care proposed a hospital in Grafton, Maureen Slaby heard more than a few people in the community question why the $250 million facility was needed. After all, there were plenty of beds at the Columbia St. Mary’s hospital five miles away… Expert quote: “We […]

Area’s leaders have to reach across the lines that divide region

Journal Sentinel Katherine Levine Einstein, College of Arts & Sciences Cory Nettles got it right Thursday when he said it is “not possible” for metro Milwaukee to be a successful, healthy, thriving community “if we don’t find a way to overcoming these divides.”… Expert quote: “Racial segregation really is driving political segregation.” View full article […]

Legacy of Wisconsin’s polarization: No consensus, little common ground

Journal Sentinel Katherine Levine Einstein, College of Arts & Sciences There are more than a million and a half people in metropolitan Milwaukee, yet few can expect to cast a truly meaningful vote in a congressional election in the fall… Expert quote: “The concern is that if you live in Milwaukee, you’re more unlikely to […]

TV networks’ thirst for blood reaches serial-killer proportions

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Paul Schneider, College of Communication I love a good thriller, and read myself to sleep at night with visions by P.D. James, Elizabeth George, Michael Connelly, Stephen Hunter, the Scots and the Swedes dancing in my head… Expert quote: “The tendency to open-ended series concepts is one explanation for the number of shows […]