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Robots can help reporters face wider horizons

Boston Herald Michelle Johnson, College of Communication As news organizations scramble for ways to cut costs, robot video conferencing is one tool that could dramatically expand reporters’ access to events and previously unaccommodating government agencies… Expert quote: “I’m skeptical that it would work. Public officials can give you the slip. Imagine if there’s a machine in […]

Boston Marathon bombings had professor fearing for her students Michelle Johnson, College of Communication Michelle Johnson had spent most of her day working from a classroom in Boston University’s College of Communication. From her makeshift newsroom, roughly one-and-a-half miles from the Boston Marathon finish line, Johnson sent out a message to her students – check in as soon as possible… Expert quote: “We had […]

Financial Dispute Weakens Journalists’ Push for Unity

New York Times Michelle Johnson, College of Communication Nearly every four years since the mid-1990s, hundreds of journalists like those gathering here this week have come together under the banner of “Unity: Journalists of Color,” a nod toward the conference’s efforts to increase the number of minorities in newsrooms across the country… View article