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E-Cigarette Critics Get Research Dollars From Industry Competitors

Daily Signal Michael Siegel, School of Public Health Some interesting news recently landed in Jeff Stier’s inbox… Expert quote: “Boston University public health professor and tobacco control expert Dr. Michael Siegel agrees, telling that drug company money doesn’t mean a researcher is going to consciously bias the results.” View full article

Surgeon general calls youth e-cigarette smoking ‘a major public health concern’

Washington Post Michael Siegel, School of Public Health The surgeon general on Thursday called the skyrocketing use of e-cigarettes among youth “a major public health concern,” saying that while more research needs to be done on its potential harms, policymakers should take strong action to keep the products out of the hands of the nation’s […]

Vapers Are the Unexpected Winners Under a Trump Presidency

Motherboard Michael Siegel, School of Public Health For at least one group in the US, the election results spurred more crossed-fingers than wrung hands: vaping advocates are hopeful Trump could soften regulations that threaten the industry. Expert quote: “From a public health perspective, there are many reasons to be concerned about the outcome of Tuesday’s […]