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Teens have brand preferences when it comes to drinking, even though it’s illegal Michael Siegel, School of Public Health Ads for alcoholic beverages lure teens to imbibe, in spite of laws prohibiting them from doing so until they are 21… Expert quote: “When you examine the relationship between brand-specific advertising and underage youth consumption by brand, there is a very strong and consistent relationship.” View full article

Are E-Cigarettes’ Popularity Causing More Teens to Smoke?

Forbes Michael Siegel, School of Public Health As cigarette use continues its historical drop among teens and e-cigarette use has begun climbing, one question looms large for public health officials: will the popularity of e-cigarettes undo all the progress made in reducing teen smoking rates?… Expert quote: “Right now, the current evidence suggests the opposite: […]

Social Media Is The New Battle Ground For College Binge Drinking

Forbes Michael Siegel, School of Public Health What will hold a college student’s attention longer: A tweet from a university about healthy alcohol consumption or an advertisement on a Facebook page from a beer company?… Expert quote: “I think for any organization trying to curtail alcohol use or binge drinking, it’s almost imperative to have […]

Ban Flavoring, Ads for E-Cigarettes, Doctors’ Group Says

HealthDay News Michael Siegel, School of Public Health The U.S. Food and Drug Administration should ban flavorings and television ads for e-cigarettes, a prominent physicians’ organization says… Expert quote: “The problem with banning flavoring is that it would put an end to e-cigarettes, because they all have flavoring. These flavors are the primary reason that […]