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Islamic State isn’t just destroying ancient artifacts — it’s selling them

Washington Post Michael Danti, College of Arts & Sciences Islamic State militants have provoked a global outcry by attacking ancient monuments with jackhammers and bulldozers… Expert quote: “It’s a dependable source of revenue, which makes it very attractive, and it’s surprisingly untapped. Over time, we’ve seen ISIL and organizations like it increase their ability to […]

Islamic State sets up ‘ministry of antiquities’ to reap the profits of pillaging

The Telegraph Michael Danti, College of Arts & Sciences Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) has established a “ministry of antiquities” to maximise the profits from looting priceless artefacts across the territory it controls… Expert quote: “The bottom line is that it’s funding terrorism – and the deaths of Iraqi and Syrian people.” […]

Why the Islamic State’s annihilation of ancient cultures matters

Wasington Post “Monkey Cage Blog” By Michael Danti, College of Arts & Sciences Since the Islamic State’s capture of the modern city of Tadmor in Syria and the adjoining UNESCO World Heritage Site of Palmyra on May 20, the global cultural heritage community has raised the alarm regarding the possibility of yet more cultural atrocities… […]

A How-To Guide To Buying Artifacts Looted by the Islamic State

Foreign Policy (subscription required) Michael Danti, College of Arts & Sciencest Let’s say you’re a rich Manhattan hedge fund manager in the market for an artifact from Palmyra, the archeological wonder in Syria currently being pillaged by the Islamic State… Expert quote: “There’s a scholarly community that’s complicit with the dealers and the buyers who […]

ISIS Looting Syrian Sites ‘Into Oblivion’; Fears Mount for Palmyra Michael Danti, College of Arts & Sciences Precious Syrian historical sites in ISIS-controlled territory are being looted “into oblivion,” experts told NBC News amid reports the Sunni militants were closing in on more ancient treasures… Expert quote: “The sites look like the surface of the moon… They’re coming in with bulldozers and actually removing […]

Isis: Islamic State’s war on history and the multimillion dollar global antiquities trade

International Business Times Michael Danti, College of Arts & Sciences The global trade in illicit antiquities has become increasingly important to Islamic State (Isis) as revenue from oil smuggling drops in the face of coalition air strikes and the Iraqi army offensive, even if the group is far more infamous for destroying rather than trading […]

Use Force to Stop ISIS’ Destruction of Art and History

New York Times (subscription required) Michael Danti, College of Arts & Sciences Will the world do nothing to stop extremist groups from destroying some of civilization’s most treasured monuments?… Expert quote: “They are picking sites that will have optimal effect in terrorizing populations and chasing them out.” View full article

Syria’s Historical Artifacts Aren’t Just Being Destroyed By ISIS, They’re Being Looted

Huffington Post Michael Danti, College of Arts & Sciences The first reports that Islamic State militants were destroying cultural heritage sites came soon after the group seized large swaths of Iraq and Syria last year. Such accounts have since become commonplace… Expert quote: “What we think Islamic State is doing is looting sites for antiquities […]