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Despite drop in crime, some neighborhoods still feel besieged

Boston Globe quoting Shea Cronin, Metropolitan College “In the South End, 52-year-old John Chambers is as comfortable walking through Villa Victoria, a housing project once plagued by gang violence, as he is at Flour, a neighborhood bakery serving brioche au chocolat and croissants…” Expert quote: ““I think [police] can always continue to expand on the […]

Little change on race in Boston police stops

Associated Press Shea Cronin, Metropolitan College The rate at which minorities are subjected to stops, searches and frisks by police doesn’t appear to be improving in Boston in the year since the department claimed it was narrowing racial disparities in their tactics… Expert quote: “But Shea Cronin, a criminal justice professor at Boston University, who is […]

Activists: Charities must move galas from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

Associated Press Mary Simboski, Metropolitan College Since President Donald Trump opened the gold-infused ballroom at his Mar-a-Lago resort almost 12 years ago, it has been a popular rental for the American Red Cross, hospitals, medical researchers and other charities for fundraising galas where the wealthiest donors are wined and dined, often netting $1 million or […]

‘Reasonable suspicion’ defined: Black men who run from police can’t be assumed guilty

Christian Science Monitor Shea Cronin, Metropolitan College Massachusetts’s highest court ruled that black men who flee voluntary encounters with police shouldn’t be looked at with greater suspicion than those who comply with consensual stops, as they may have a legitimate reason based in fear to do so… Expert quote: “The courts seem to be consistently […]

YIMBY – Yes In My Backyard – takes a stand against gentrification

Metro Max Grinnell, Metropolitan College In cities with a reputation as innovation hubs for their tech and entrepreneurial leadership, such as Boston, real estate prices are soaring and available housing is dwindling… Expert quote: “You want to be in these amenity-rich cities, where you have great outdoor spaces, tremendous job opportunity, and a higher quality […]