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‘Compromised’ account led to ‘Asl#’ tweet: Boston police

Metro John Carroll, College of Communication After a mysterious bit of chatroom speak appeared on its Twitter feed, the Boston Police Department is claiming its account was “compromised.”… Expert quote: “Sometimes the hack is there to deliver a specific message, so you want this to come to public attention and have some specific objective. There’s […]

End of an era: Deval Patrick is done with his governorship

Metro Fred Bayles, College of Communication Tom Whalen, College of General Studies As Gov. Deval Patrick leaves office to make way for Governor-elect Charlie Baker, the legacy of the state’s first black governor has been opened up to debate… Expert quotes: Bayles: “One could say he was a fairly good steward during a time of […]

Boston smoking ban: What it means for public health, enforcement and the 2014 Freedom Rally

Metro Michael Siegel, School of Public Health Two weeks ago the city made it illegal for anyone to smoke tobacco, marijuana and vaporized substances in its 251 parks, squares, cemeteries and beaches, but questions linger as to how the city plans on keeping people from publicly puffing, and whether the ban is even warranted… Expert […]