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College friends can ease the pain of past bullying

Deccan Chronicle Melissa Holt, School of Education Jennifer Greif Green, School of Education A new study shows some cautious optimism for bullied students moving into college… Expert quotes: Holt: “Nobody in the field had really focused on college as an environment. Would entering college be a time of heightened risk? Or would the new environment […]

The Conversation US – Melissa Holt

Understanding the link between bullying and suicide Melissa Holt, Boston University Bullying, most of us probably know, can be a tremendously painful experience for a young person. Stories about teens like Phoebe Prince or Amanda Todd who killed themselves after experiencing bullying have driven this point home. All 50 states have some kind of anti-bullying […]

What impact did the Boston Marathon bombing have on children?

As we approach the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, many of us will be exposed to the horrifying images and videos of that day. Jennifer Greif Green and Melissa Holt are professors in Boston University’s School of Education. In the following Q&A with Professor Voices, Green and Holt discuss their research on the […]

Bullies More Likely to Engage in Risky Sex, Study Finds

HealthDay News Melissa Holt, School of Education Teenage bullies are prone to engage in risky sexual behavior, a new study finds… Expert quote: “Findings from this study add to our understanding of the ways in which bullying affects youth and provide preliminary evidence that bullies and bullies who are also victims might be at heightened […]