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Are You a U.S. Citizen? How a 2020 Census Question Could Affect States

The New York Times Maxwell Palmer The Trump administration last week announced that it would add a citizenship question to the decennial census in 2020, citing the need for more granular data for determining Voting Rights Act violations… Expert quote: “In an extreme case, in which 100 percent of Hispanic noncitizens did not participate, a […]

As the Trump administration retreats on climate change, US cities are moving forward

The Conversation Katherine Levine Einstein, David Glick, and Maxwell Palmer Despite almost universal scientific consensus that climate change poses a growing threat, President Donald Trump’s recent infrastructure plan makes no mention of the need to build resilience to rising global temperatures… Expert quote: “Large majorities agreed that significantly reducing their cities’ greenhouse gas emissions would […]

Evan Bayh’s private sector work raises questions

Indianapolis Star Maxwell Palmer, College of Arts & Sciences During his final months in the U.S. Senate, Evan Bayh broke ranks with most of his fellow Democrats several times to oppose or reduce the impact of legislative proposals that threatened the bottom lines of private equity firms, banks and oil companies… Expert quote: “Serving on […]

How and why retired politicians get lucrative appointments on corporate boards

Washington Post “Monkey Cage Blog” Co-written by Maxwell Palmer, College of Arts & Sciences The start of the 114th Congress brings new faces to the Capitol, but it also marks the end of careers in public service for many elected officials… View full article by expert Maxwell Palmer