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Despite the times, college grads still flock to big banks

Marketplace Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business The cutbacks and controversy surrounding big investment banks during the financial crisis don’t seem to have put a damper on interest in jobs at those firms… Expert quote: “They’re really trying to actually attract that same top talent pool that Google has been so successful and Amazon so […]

Utility companies to stockpile $8 million spare parts in case of disaster

Marketplace Peter Fox-Penner, Questrom School of Business In the case of a mass terrorist or cyber-attack on the power grid, it could take 18 months to replace critical pieces of the infrastructure, according to a national research study… Expert quote: “It would make no economic sense for every utility to stockpile these very, very expensive […]

It’s a contraction, not another Great Recession

Marketplace Cornelius Hurley, Center for Finance, Law & Policy, School of Law U.S. financial markets rallied through most of the Tuesday, then fell back in the final hour of trading to close with another day of solid losses… Expert quote: “This crisis is generated through China and Greece, and other foreign venues, so it seems […]