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New MIT microscope takes near real-time videos on a nanoscale

Boston Globe (subscription required) Mark Grinstaff, College of Engineering Progress in science is often linked to better ways of seeing: Stronger telescopes bring more stars into view, microscopes made bacteria vivid, new genomic techniques tease out once-hidden forms of life… Expert quote: “Right now, it’s old-fashioned photography, you take a picture, then take another five minutes […]

Polymer lubricant may stave off knee surgery

Chemistry World Mark Grinstaff, College of Arts & Sciences A synthetic polymer could make a better replacement lubricant for joint cartilage in people with arthritis, US researchers claim… Expert quote: “Instead of having molecular weights of 1–200,000, we could get up to 2.5 million. When the polymers get that large, the rheological properties change – […]

Massachusetts innovators named to top inventors list James Collins, College of Engineering Barbara  Gilchrest, School of Medicine Mark Grinstaff, College of Arts & Sciences Theodore Moustakas, College of Engineering Honored for their “exceptional achievements” in creating inventions that have made a “tangible impact on (the) quality of life,” 12 Massachusetts-based academic leaders have been added to a list of the 101 […]