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Sepp Blatter to resign as FIFA chief in about-face amid bribery scandal

Los Angeles Times Chris Cakebread, College of Communication It was only four days ago the most powerful man in soccer stood before the cameras with a broad smile, seemingly unfazed by mounting allegations of corruption, saying: “Why would I step down?”… Expert quote: “There are a lot of companies that don’t care about public opinion. […]

Newer types of birth control pills confirmed to raise blood clot risk

Los Angeles Times Susan Jick, School of Public Health Women who take newer types of birth control pills face a higher risk of developing blood clots than women who take older types, researchers said Tuesday, providing what some called “clarifying” evidence that more modern contraceptives designed as safer options may in fact pose more risk than […]

Weekend-only drug use frequently slips into weekday drug use, study says

Los Angeles Times Judith Bernstein, School of Public Health Beware, weekend ragers: A new study suggests that people who use drugs only on the weekends frequently begin using them on weekdays too. Expert quote: “The study shows us that patterns change. Only 19% of people who originally said ‘I use on weekends’ still used only on weekends.” […]

Study points to years-long immune system woes from measles

Los Angeles Times Paul Duprex, School of Medicine Scientists have known for decades that having measles suppresses kids’ immune systems for several weeks or months, leaving them ill-equipped to fight off pneumonia, bronchitis, diarrheal diseases and other infections… Expert quote: “After the introduction of the vaccine that didn’t happen. Measles is not a disease that […]

Anthem hack raises fears on medical data — and could have been worse

Los Angeles Times Alan Sager, School of Public Health Insurance giant Anthem Inc. suffered a massive data breach exposing the personal information of up to 80 million Americans — and it could have been even worse for consumers… Expert quote: “The ability of healthcare companies to compile data has grown far faster than their ability […]

Catalan voters favor independence from Spain, early results show

Los Angeles Times Sofia Perez, College of Arts & Sciences More than 80% of voters participating in Catalonia’s weekend independence poll endorsed breaking away from Spain, initial results showed early Monday… Expert quote: “More likely, I think, is a return to negotiations over the way in which Catalonia is financed, and some sort of compromise […]