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As Ocean Waters Heat Up, A Quest to Create ‘Super Corals’

Yale Environment 360 Les Kaufman, College of Arts & Sciences In Hawaii this summer, as corals engage in their once-a-year courtship ritual of releasing sperm and eggs into the water by moonlight, Ruth Gates will oversee a unique mating: the coming together of “super-corals” in her lab… Expert quote: “Coral reefs are astonishingly resilient and […]

Good news for reefs: how corals could survive a heating planet

Christian Science Monitor Les Kaufman, College of Arts & Sciences As concern grows over the threat coral reefs face from pollution, destructive fishing practices, and especially climate change and ocean acidification, a research team has found that heat-tolerant corals pass along that tolerance to corals adapted to cooler waters… Expert quote: “Imagine trying to do […]

Amelia Earhart: Has a scrap of metal solved one of the world’s great mysteries?

Christian Science Monitor Les Kaufman, College of Arts & Sciences A scrap of aluminum found on a Pacific atoll may be the best evidence yet that Amelia Earhart was able to land her aircraft as it was running out of fuel, surviving for time before disappearing into history and speculation… Expert quote: “It seems plausible. […]

Amelia Earhart Plane Fragment May Have Been Identified

Huffington Post Les Kaufman, College of Arts & Sciences After decades of looking, researchers say they may finally have found a bit of wreckage from Amelia Earhart’s plane… Expert quote: “It seems plausible. I have been impressed with Ric Gillespie, who seems to me to be an honest broker, a knowledgable enthusiast, and generally cautious […]

Cuba gets fishery management advice in Provincetown

Cape Cod Times Les Kaufman, College of Arts & Sciences It might seem odd: Cuban fisheries managers and scientists seated around a table in this fabled but faded Cape Cod fishing port, sharing their stories of managing crocodiles, manatees and reef fish while trying to absorb the successes and failures of the New England fisheries… […]

In a briny preserve, fish and controversy thrive

Boston Globe (subscription required) Les Kaufman, College of Arts & Sciences For thousands of years, the jagged rocks of a submerged mountain range about 80 miles off the coast of Gloucester have preserved one of the region’s most distinct marine habitats. The frigid waters and glacier-sculpted peaks are home to a billowy kelp forest and […]

Devil rays are shockingly fast and deep divers

National Geographic Les Kaufman, College of Arts & Sciences The Chilean devil ray is one heck of a swimmer—the fish make surprisingly fast and deep dives into the Atlantic Ocean, a new study says… Expert quote: “The discovery that they dive and forage so deep and so regularly, reinforces a slowly growing sense that open ocean creatures […]

Will Amelia Earhart Help Unlock Secrets of Climate Change

Huffington Post Les Kaufman, College of Arts & Sciences A search for Amelia Earhart may wind up contributing to science’s understanding of global climate change, according to plans announced June 3rd by The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR)… Expert quote: “The key is that these corals have most likely been undisturbed. We think […]