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Letters: There are cases where drug testing at work is a clear overreach

Boston Globe (subscription required) By Leonard Glantz, School of Public Health The article about Cristina Barbuto’s firing for lawfully using medical marijuana in Massachusetts raises an important issue — that of employers testing employees for marijuana consumption without any legitimate reason for doing so (“Woman fights medical marijuana firing,” Page A1, May 23)… View full article […]

Forced chemo: Should court overrule Amish parents?

Associated Press Leonard Glantz, School of Public Health A legal fight between a hospital and an Amish family in Ohio over whether doctors can force their 10-year-old daughter to resume chemotherapy after her parents stopped treatment is again raising questions about what rights parents have in making medical decisions for their children… Expert quote: “People […]

Military doctors urged to refuse force-feeding at Guantanamo

Reuters Sondra Crosby, School of Medicine Leonard Glantz, School of Public Health George Annas, School of Public Health U.S. military doctors should refuse orders to force-feed hunger strikers at the Guantanamo detention camp because it violates their ethical obligations, two doctors and a medical ethics professor wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine on […]

LETTERS: Protecting patients’ privacy while holding homicide rates down

Boston Globe (subscription required) By Leonard Glantz, School of Public Health The front-page article “A Mass. hedge in FBI gun checks: State law prevents sharing of records on mental health” (Jan. 28) adds to the stigmatization of people with mental illness that has been on the rise since the Newtown tragedy… View full article