Matchmaking Season for Republican Presidential Candidates and Economists

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The Conversation US – Laurence Kotlikoff

Want worker wages to rise? End the corporate income tax Laurence J Kotlikoff, Boston University Workers’ wages have stagnated, even as the unemployment rate has plunged to a seven-year low and the economy is bounding ahead. Some people propose raising the federal minimum wage and bolstering labor unions to address slow growth in wages. One great way […]

Iceland has a radical plan to redefine money

Washington Post Laurence Kotlikoff, College of Arts & Sciences Icelandic officials are thinking about redefining money and ending banking as we know it, Agence France-Presse reports… Expert quote: “This is not going to do anything to deal with the reality of what happened in Iceland. What they’re doing is a substitute for real reform.” View full […]

Politico’s Ben White: ‘Welcome Back to Debt Ceiling Drama!’

Newsmax Laurence Kotlikoff, College of Arts & Sciences The tumultuous process of raising the debt ceiling has roiled financial markets in recent years, particularly in 2011, when the brouhaha helped lead Standard & Poor’s to lower the U.S. government’s credit rating… Expert quote: “Our country is broke. It’s not broke in 75 years or 50 […]