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Trump Wants Credit for Cutting the National Debt. Economists Say Not So Fast

Bloomberg Laurence Kotlikoff, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “President Donald Trump asked on Twitter why the media hasn’t reported that the national debt has dropped since his inauguration…” Expert Quote: “Anything that has happened to the debt has been on autopilot since Obama left.” View full article. 

We’ve been measuring inequality wrong – here’s the real story

The Conversation US Co-written by Laurence Kotlikoff, College of Arts & Sciences Despite appearances to the contrary, this year’s presidential follies have managed to feature at least a few policy discussions amid all the name-calling… View full article by expert Laurence Kotlikoff

Could the American economy tank in 2016?

Politico Laurence Kotlikoff, College of Arts & Sciences 23 economic forecasts for the new year. Cc: 2016 candidates… Expert quote: “The country’s greatest economic risk resides in the financial markets as well as the general public A) learning precisely how broke the U.S. government is, B) realizing how much money the Federal Reserve has printed […]

The Conversation US – Laurence Kotlikoff

Want worker wages to rise? End the corporate income tax Laurence J Kotlikoff, Boston University Workers’ wages have stagnated, even as the unemployment rate has plunged to a seven-year low and the economy is bounding ahead. Some people propose raising the federal minimum wage and bolstering labor unions to address slow growth in wages. One great way […]

Iceland has a radical plan to redefine money

Washington Post Laurence Kotlikoff, College of Arts & Sciences Icelandic officials are thinking about redefining money and ending banking as we know it, Agence France-Presse reports… Expert quote: “This is not going to do anything to deal with the reality of what happened in Iceland. What they’re doing is a substitute for real reform.” View full […]