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The drug push

Science Magazine Kevin Outterson, School of Law This past January, microbiologists Kim Lewis and Slava Epstein reported the discovery of teixobactin, a compound that in lab dishes kills several antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. Media outlets heralded the discovery, announced in Nature, as a new solution to the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance… Expert quote: “For […]

White House Issues Action Plan to Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Wall Street Journal (subscription required) Kevin Outterson, School of Law The White House issued the most extensive action plan ever against drug-resistant bacteria, or superbugs, seeking to curb antibiotic use at farms and hospitals—and promote tests to find lethal bugs, and antibiotics to kill them… Expert quote: “It is the boldest move against antibiotic resistance […]

The White House’s plan to tackle antibiotic resistance doesn’t go far enough

Vox Kevin Outterson, School of Law Antibiotic resistance — when bacteria outsmart the drugs we have to combat them — is a massive problem facing the modern world. While resistance to drugs is a natural evolutionary process, it’s been sped up by our overuse of antibiotics, spurring on more “superbug” infections, killing thousands of people […]

McDonald’s will finally stop serving chicken pumped full of antibiotics. Here’s why

Vox Kevin Outterson, School of Law Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have become a massive health problem, killing thousands of people every year and prompting calls to phase out the unnecessary use of the drugs on farm animals and in people… Expert quote: “These consumer-driven approaches are the most feasible way to reduce the US use of animal […]

We’re in Dire Need of New Funding for Antibiotics, Researchers Say

Motherboard Kevin Outterson, School of Law As a global community, we’re in a high-stakes race against rapidly developing antibiotic resistance—and we’re losing… Expert quote:  “There are a dozen cancer therapies that are more than $100,000 for a course of treatment, despite very modest proof of efficacy. Meanwhile a course of new antibiotics costs something like […]