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The White House’s plan to tackle antibiotic resistance doesn’t go far enough

Vox Kevin Outterson, School of Law Antibiotic resistance — when bacteria outsmart the drugs we have to combat them — is a massive problem facing the modern world. While resistance to drugs is a natural evolutionary process, it’s been sped up by our overuse of antibiotics, spurring on more “superbug” infections, killing thousands of people […]

McDonald’s will finally stop serving chicken pumped full of antibiotics. Here’s why

Vox Kevin Outterson, School of Law Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have become a massive health problem, killing thousands of people every year and prompting calls to phase out the unnecessary use of the drugs on farm animals and in people… Expert quote: “These consumer-driven approaches are the most feasible way to reduce the US use of animal […]

We’re in Dire Need of New Funding for Antibiotics, Researchers Say

Motherboard Kevin Outterson, School of Law As a global community, we’re in a high-stakes race against rapidly developing antibiotic resistance—and we’re losing… Expert quote:  “There are a dozen cancer therapies that are more than $100,000 for a course of treatment, despite very modest proof of efficacy. Meanwhile a course of new antibiotics costs something like […]

The Race for an Ebola Vaccine

The New Yorker Kevin Outterson, School of Law Over the summer, as it became clear that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was one of the worst public-health emergencies in recent memory, executives at Merck met at the company’s New Jersey headquarters to figure out how to respond… Expert quote: “Every drug company cares about […]