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Millions Injected Into Push for New Antibiotics

National Geographic Kevin Outterson, School of Law A new federal-private partnership will devote more than $350 million over the next five years to one of the trickiest aspects of the problem of drug resistance: encouraging pharmaceutical companies to make new antibiotics… Expert quote: “There is nothing like this for antibiotics now.” View full article

With superbug scourge looming, global group bets on biotechs to turn the tide

STAT News Kevin Outterson, School of Law Gunning to beat back a global scourge of superbugs, a transatlantic group is committing tens of millions of dollars, some of that from American taxpayers, to back biotech startups developing novel antibiotics… Expert quote: “If you look at the last eight new antibiotics that were approved by the […]

Independence of compliance reviews is questioned in drug firm settlements

Reuters Kevin Outterson, School of Law Some major U.S. drug companies have hired their own auditors to perform compliance reviews mandated in government settlements over alleged civil violations, such as paying kickbacks or off-label drug promotion, according to federal records reviewed by Reuters… Expert quote: “If the goal of this whole thing is to have […]