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The financial barrier to developing antibiotics? No big payday for drug companies

PBS interviewing Kevin Outterson, School of Law “As current antibiotics begin to lose their punch, there’s an economic reality putting a damper on development…” Expert quote: “The last time that we had a new class of gram-negative antibiotics, approved for human use, that drug was discovered the year that I was born, 1962.” View full […]

Mixed Verdicts In NECC Trial

WBUR Kevin Outterson, School of Law “The former co-owner of the New England Compounding Center, the pharmaceutical company at the center of a meningitis outbreak in 2012, has been found not guilty on the most serious charges in that trial but convicted of other charges…” Expert quote: “If a drug company is making [a drug], […]

Trials of Compounding Pharmacists Facing Murder Charges Draw Closer

Wall Street Journal Kevin Outterson, School of Law Two pharmacists face second-degree murder charges in coming trials in connection with the sale of a contaminated pain medication that caused a deadly U.S. outbreak of fungal meningitis in 2012… Expert quote: The trials against Messrs. Cadden and Chen could reveal important details about what led to […]

The UN is finally treating antibiotic-resistant superbugs like a catastrophic threat

Vox Kevin Outterson, School of Law In the history of the United Nations, the General Assembly has only held high-level meetings on health issues three times: for HIV, Ebola, and chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity… Expert quote: “The last time the UN was poised to take major action on antimicrobial resistance was September 11, 2001, [and] the […]