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Trump team bashes China but offers no alternative in African nations

The Hill Kevin Gallagher The now former Secretary of State Tillerson’s talking points for his hastily-arranged trip to Africa last week accused China of fostering dependency, with “opaque contracts, predatory loan practices, and corrupt deals that mire nations in debt,” hurting growth and local employment… Expert quote: “The Trump administration would have a better argument […]

China sees an opening as Trump loses confidence of Latin America

CNN Money Kevin Gallagher Trump has imposed tariffs on Latin American countries, demanded that Mexico pay for a border wall, put thousands of people at risk for deportation and proposed to cut American aid to the region… Expert quote: “Literally and figuratively, the Trump administration is building walls against Latin America. The Chinese are proposing […]

As Beijing Joins Climate Fight, Chinese Companies Build Coal Plants

New York Times quoting Kevin Gallagher, Pardee School of Global Studies/ College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “When China halted plans for more than 100 new coal-fired power plants this year, even as President Trump vowed to “bring back coal” in America, the contrast seemed to confirm Beijing’s new role as a leader in the […]

Latin American petro-states struggle with China debts, need new solutions

Dialogo Chino Kevin Gallagher, Pardee School of Global Studies “As Chinese loans continue to pour into Latin American countries, concerns over how this money is being spent and how will it ever be repaid are growing on both sides of the bargaining table…” Expert quote: “China can’t be the one to trigger [more] sustainability, but […]