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Antitrust Snoops on the Loose

Wall Street Journal (subscription required) By Keith Hylton, School of Law Perhaps the most fascinating feature of the continuing Apple litigation—based on the dubious claim that the tech giant conspired to fix e-book prices—is Manhattan district court Judge Denise Cote’s imposition in October 2013 of a monitor to watch over the company’s compliance with antitrust […]

Will Yelp Derail Google’s Antitrust Deal With EU? Legal Experts Weigh In

International Business Times Keith Hylton, School of Law An antitrust complaint filed by online review service Yelp Inc. (NYSE:YELP) could sideline a pending settlement between Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and European Union regulators worried that the big U.S. search engine gives itself preferential treatment in search results. It could also force Google to respond to competitors’ […]

Comcast strikes deal to buy Time Warner Cable

Associated Press Keith Hylton, School of Law With a single behemoth purchase, Comcast is creating a dominant force in American entertainment and presenting federal regulators with an equally outsized quandary: How should they handle a conglomerate that promises to improve cable TV and Internet service to millions of homes but also consolidates unprecedented control of […]

Apple E-Books Case Shines Light on Compliance Monitors

Wall Street Journal (subscription required) Keith Hylton, School of Law The fiery tit-for-tat that erupted in court last week between Apple Inc. and a court-appointed lawyer overseeing the company’s e-book pricing shined a light on something that has annoyed corporations for years: compliance monitors… Expert quote: “Judge Cote’s decision could set a precedent. Apple has […]