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Google did NOT split up because of the EU, legal experts agree

Business Insider Keith Hylton, School of Law Google is splitting apart. The European Union has talked about splitting Google apart. Are the two related? Is Google trying to cleverly preempt whatever the Europeans decide to do?… Expert quote: “The core problem, from the EU’s perspective, is that Google enters into ‘vertical search’ markets while at […]

Google faces trouble abroad

USA Today Keith Hylton, School of Law Facing intensifying scrutiny from regulators, Google is conducting one of its most important searches yet: for an answer to its growing problem in Europe… Expert quote: “The European process is not one in which American tech companies have prevailed. That puts Google in the position of potentially having to […]

Antitrust Snoops on the Loose

Wall Street Journal (subscription required) By Keith Hylton, School of Law Perhaps the most fascinating feature of the continuing Apple litigation—based on the dubious claim that the tech giant conspired to fix e-book prices—is Manhattan district court Judge Denise Cote’s imposition in October 2013 of a monitor to watch over the company’s compliance with antitrust […]