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Is an AT&T-Time Warner merger less likely under a Clinton presidency?

Christian Science Monitor Keith Hylton, School of Law It would be reasonable to expect American voters who worry about the impact big business mergers could have on the economy to gravitate toward the Democratic presidential nominee. Expert quote: “For the most part, Republicans have been much more relaxed about mergers, and it’s typical for someone […]

Big banks lose as U.S. appeals court revives Libor lawsuits

Reuters Keith Hylton, School of Law A U.S. appeals court on Monday revived private antitrust litigation accusing major banks of conspiring to manipulate the Libor benchmark interest rate, in a big setback for their defense against investors’ claims of market-rigging… Expert quote: “The likelihood of the plaintiffs actually having suffered harm is quite speculative in […]

Google did NOT split up because of the EU, legal experts agree

Business Insider Keith Hylton, School of Law Google is splitting apart. The European Union has talked about splitting Google apart. Are the two related? Is Google trying to cleverly preempt whatever the Europeans decide to do?… Expert quote: “The core problem, from the EU’s perspective, is that Google enters into ‘vertical search’ markets while at […]