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Badass frog embryos can hatch in seconds to escape snakes and wasps

The Verge Karen Warkentin, College of Arts & Sciences Even as little embryos in eggs, red-eyed tree frogs are totally badass… Expert quote: “For red-eyed tree frogs, their fast-hatching mechanism enables about 80 percent of embryos to escape from snake and wasp attacks, over a pretty broad developmental period.” View full article

Frog embryos can opt to leave egg early

Futurity News Karen Warkentin, College of Arts & Sciences Eggs are great places for frog embryos, but aren’t impervious to threats like limited oxygen, floods, fungal pathogens, and predators… Expert quote: “Hatching is a controlled, regulated response. At some point, the embryos will decide to do it. It’s amazing the information they attend to.” View […]

An Emergency Hatch for Baby Lizards

Science Magazine Karen Warkentin, College of Arts & Sciences Talk about hatching an escape plan… Expert quote: “This is not just happening in delicate skinks—I’m thinking that environmentally cued hatching is very widespread, in many groups. But exactly how embryos make the decision to stay put or bail out is something we’re still trying to […]