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BU study: health insurance coverage does not reduce hospital readmissions

Boston Business Journal Karen Lasser, School of Medicine Hospitals are desperate to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions, in part because the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services is penalizing hospitals with rates the government agency deems are too high… Expert quote: “Among African-Americans and Hispanics, we found the odds of readmission did not decrease in Massachusetts […]

Obamacare Preview? Mass. Studies Find Some Hospital Use Stays Same

WBUR “CommonHealth” Karen Lasser, School of Medicine Today is an Obamacare milestone: the end of the first enrollment period for new insurance plans the health care law spawned. More than 6 million previously uninsured people have signed up for private plans and 4 million more for Medicaid… Expert quote: “We also need to reduce financial […]

The ills of smoking

Scienceline Karen Lasser, School of Medicine Sean Johnson keeps a pack of Marlboro Reds in a satchel slung across his right shoulder… Expert quote: “A lot of patients will tell you that smoking helps calm them down, reduces their anxiety, and were they to get their anxiety treated in other ways they might be able […]