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Hollywood’s love/hate relationship with business

Washington Post Kabrina Krebel Chang, Questrom School of Business “Deepwater Horizon” opened in movie theaters over the weekend, splattering goo once again on the reputation of BP, the British-based oil giant whose bill for the 2010 devastating oil spill is $55 billion and climbing… Expert quote: “Wells Fargo or Deepwater Horizon, pick a scandal. It reinforces […]

Colorado High Court Says Workers Can Be Fired for Off-Duty Marijuana Use–3rd Update

Wall Street Journal (subscription required) Kabrina Chang, Questrom School of Business The Colorado Supreme Court ruled Monday that employers lawfully can fire workers for using marijuana when they’re not on the job, even though the drug is legal in the state, upholding two lower court decisions on the issue… Expert quote: “This ruling doesn’t give […]

State bill would keep your passwords from prying eyes

Boston Globe (subscription required) Kabrina Chang, School of Management Your password to Facebook and other social media sites may soon be getting tough legal protection. The Massachusetts Senate passed a bill Thursday that would make it illegal for businesses and schools to ask employees and students to hand over social media passwords and user names… Expert quote: “Employees […]