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Tending to Unmet Dental Needs, a Root of Elder Hunger

Wall Street Journal (subscription required) Judith Jones, Goldman School of Dental Medicine For many homebound seniors, the biggest challenge to staving off hunger and getting needed nutrition isn’t having money to buy food or the physical or cognitive ability to prepare it… Expert quote: “It’s not sexy. Dental care for kids is what people are […]

Five Dental Choices For Retirees

Investor’s Business Daily Judith Jones, Goldman School of Dental Medicine Susan Grossman has certainly been through the ringer with dental work. Over the past decade, she’s shelled out some $100,000 for bone replacements, teeth removals and cappings, and most recently, a bridge covering 10 teeth. And there’s still more necessary work ahead… Expert quote: “They […]

Dental Work in the ER: The MA Pull to Extract It

Public News Service Judith Jones, Goldman School of Dental Medicine Since severe cuts were made in 2010 to MassHealth adult dental benefits, more Commonwealth residents have turned to emergency rooms, where the pain from tooth and gum ailments is addressed, but the cause often goes untreated… Expert quote: “Most of the studies that have documented […]