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Boston Medical Center Launches First Comprehensive Transgender Medical Center In Northeast

WBUR “CommonHealth” Joshua Safer, School of Medicine Boston Medical Center CEO Kate Walsh was in a meeting a few years ago when something about gender identity and health came up. She turned to Dr. Joshua Safer, who was treating many of the hospital’s transgender patients… Expert quote: “Up until a decade or so ago, the […]

What is gender, anyway?

New Statesman Joshua Safer, School of Medicine In the US and UK, politicians want to enshrine respect for “gender identity” into law. The only problem? There is no scientific consensus on what gender is… Expert quote: “Personally, I do actually believe that there is a masculine brain and a feminine brain.” View full article

Policies For Transgender High School Athletes Vary From State To State

WBUR “CommonHealth” Joshua Safer, School of Medicine Crack. A bright pink aluminum bat connects with a fluorescent yellow softball, sending it toward woods that border Ponaganset High School in northwest Rhode Island. The left fielder runs in and makes the catch… Expert quote: “Men have about 15 percent more, using crude calculations, relative to women, for things […]

Many hormone doctors feel uncomfortable with transgender patients

Reuters Joshua Safer, School of Medicine People who are transgender may have difficulty finding endocrinologists who feel comfortable and competent in providing needed care, according to a new survey of physicians… Expert quote: “The guidelines are an evidence-based, thoughtful approach from the ultimate mainstream endocrinology professional society and that is very strong for those needing […]

First Step In Better Care For LGBT Patients? Find Out Who They Are

WBUR “CommonHealth” Joshua Safer, School of Medicine The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said this week that electronic health records must include options for collecting information about gender identity and sexual orientation… Expert quote: “This is enormously important for transgender patients. Knowing how treatments affect men and women, and people of a certain […]