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China’s Xi Promotes No Clear Heir, Opening Door to Stay in Power For Decades

Bloomberg Joseph Fewsmith Chinese President Xi Jinping unveiled a new leadership line-up that didn’t include a clear potential heir, breaking with a quarter-century-old succession system and raising the chances that he might seek to stay in office beyond 2022… Expert quote: “Xi Jinping will dominate China’s politics as nobody did for a long time. This is […]

One Man’s Future May Foreshadow Xi’s Plans to Hold on to Power

Bloomberg Politics Joseph Fewsmith At China’s twice-a-decade political reshuffle this month, the fate of one official will be scrutinized for signs of how much President Xi Jinping allows himself to be constrained by established Communist Party retirement norms. Expert quote: “Jiang instituted the cut-off to keep a rival from securing a third term on the […]

Investors watching ahead of China’s leadership reshuffle

Investment Magazine quoting Joseph Fewsmith, Pardee School of Global Studies/ College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “As China’s Communist Party readies for its five-yearly leadership reshuffle, global investors are watching closely to see who will wield power and how they’re poised to manage the world’s second-largest economy as it faces up to its […]

From Political Star to ‘a Sacrificial Object’ in China

New York Times quoting Joseph Fewsmith, Pardee School of Global Studies/ College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “All the political stars seemed aligned for Sun Zhengcai to be promoted to a top national post in China at the Communist Party’s congress this fall…” Expert quote: “…was just the wrong guy in the wrong place.” View […]

Downfall of Chinese Rising Star Points to Xi Power Play

Bloomberg quoting Joseph Fewsmith, Pardee School of Global Studies/ College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “The fall from grace of a rising star in China’s Communist Party sheds light on how a reshuffle of the country’s top officials may play out under the leadership of President Xi Jinping later this year…” Expert quote: […]

China’s Communist Party Declares Xi Jinping ‘Core’ Leader

New York Times Joseph Fewsmith, Pardee School President Xi Jinping of China received a potent boost to his status on Thursday, when a Communist Party meeting elevated him to “core” leader, putting him in the same revered ranks as Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping… Expert quote: “It seems that this plenum really was a victory […]

China Communist Party Raises Xi’s Status Ahead of Reshuffle

Bloomberg Joseph Fewsmith, Pardee School China’s Communist Party declared President Xi Jinping as its “core,” a designation that strengthens his hand ahead of a twice-a-decade power reshuffle next year… Expert quote: “Xi will have a smooth path to the 19th Party Congress and will be able to promote the people he wants to promote. Now we […]

Behind China’s Anti-Graft Campaign, A Drive To Crush Rivals

NPR Joseph Fewsmith, Pardee School China’s ruling Communist Party is pledging tighter discipline than ever for its 88 million members and no let up in a four-year anti-corruption campaign that has seen more than 1 million officials investigated for graft… Expert quote: “These issues could, in the future, be one of regime survival.” Listen to […]

For China’s Xi, anticorruption drive is all about Communist Party survival

Christian Science Monitor Joseph Fewsmith, Pardee School Earlier this month, a former Communist Party secretary in southwest China was sentenced to death for taking bribes of nearly $38 million… Expert quote: “Xi Jinping has set out over the last four years to restore what he thinks the party should be, a highly disciplined party with […]