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Experts Media Alert – New Horizons spacecraft ready to make historic flyby of Pluto

After traveling 3.6 billion miles through space, The New Horizons spacecraft is set to come within 6,200 miles of Pluto in less than one week. The space probe will make history at 7:49 a.m. on July 14 as it becomes the first spacecraft to do a flyby of the dwarf planet. NASA launched New Horizons in 2006. The following […]

The Conversation US – John Clarke

Hubble in pictures: astronomers' top picks Tanya Hill, Museum Victoria In this special feature, we have invited top astronomers to handpick the Hubble Space Telescope image that has the most scientific relevance to them. The images they’ve chosen aren’t always the colourful glory shots that populate the countless “best of” galleries around the internet, but […]

Next stop, Mars: NASA’s Maven spacecraft blasts off on a 10-month journey

Computerworld John Clarke, College of Arts & Sciences NASA’s Maven spacecraft blasted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station today for a 10-month journey to the Red Planet… Expert quote: “Scientifically, this is very important. The rovers want to find little things on the surface today, and Maven is interested in the long-term history of […]