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Report: Smartphone Ad Blockers Picking Up Steam

E-Commerce Times John Carroll, College of Communication At least 419 million people around the world are blocking advertising on their smartphones, according to a report PageFair released Tuesday… Expert quote: “There’s real price sensitivity in emerging markets. That’s why you see extensive use of Web-blocking browsers in China, India and Indonesia. Advertising eats up data, time […]

Twitter Loosens Tweet’s Leash

TechNewsWorld John Carroll, College of Communication Twitter on Tuesday announced a number of changes to tweets, including what will be included in a message’s 140-character count… Expert quote: “There are a lot people who will look on retweeting yourself with dismay. People are so self-obsessed that it could become a form of spam that clogs up […]

Experts: Gender will be major part of potential Trump/Clinton matchup

Sinclair Broadcast Group John Carroll, College of Communication Delivering their victory speeches, the front runners in both the Republican and Democratic presidential primaries made specific appeals to female voters… Expert quote: “I think it’s a classic Donald Trump statement that has about 5 percent truth to it and 95 percent bravado. There’s no question that Hillary […]

New York victory gives Clinton advantage in both math and momentum

Sinclair Broadcast Group John Carroll, College of Communication Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s victory in the New York Democratic presidential primary Tuesday may represent a change in the direction of the race, but it is unlikely to silence her opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders… Expert quote: “[Sanders] has always been dealing with two elements here: […]