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Snapchat’s Curious About-Face

TechNewsWorld John Carroll, College of Communication Fleeting memories will be a thing of the past with a new Snapchat feature currently rolling out… Expert quote: “Snapchat wants to add another dimension to itself that they hope will appeal to a wider audience, including an older demographic, but by introducing something that has appeal to an […]

Democratic Convention’s growing list of speakers hints at star-studded event

Sinclair Broadcast Group John Carroll, College of Communication As Hillary Clinton prepares to accept her party’s nomination for the presidency, The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) has been making preparations of their own as they line up speakers for what is shaping up to be a star-studded convention week… Expert quote: “The first thing Bill […]

Warren campaign stop sets VP speculation on fire

Sinclair Broadcast Group John Carroll, College of Communication Elizabeth Warren’s campaign stop with Hillary Clinton has set the speculation over the 2016 vice presidential candidates ablaze as pundits and the media spin themselves into a frenzy over who the presumed nominees will pick to run beside them… Expert quote: “This is the period where the […]

Little reality in Trump TV: Experts say the GOP front-runner’s reported desire to start a network is a pipedream

Salon John Carroll, College of Communication Donald Trump’s domination of television news coverage is among the most remarkable storylines of the 2016 election… Expert quote: “This is an indication of a shift in Trump’s relationship with the mainstream news media. He’s not getting the free ride that he got for a while.” View full article