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Little reality in Trump TV: Experts say the GOP front-runner’s reported desire to start a network is a pipedream

Salon John Carroll, College of Communication Donald Trump’s domination of television news coverage is among the most remarkable storylines of the 2016 election… Expert quote: “This is an indication of a shift in Trump’s relationship with the mainstream news media. He’s not getting the free ride that he got for a while.” View full article

Report: Smartphone Ad Blockers Picking Up Steam

E-Commerce Times John Carroll, College of Communication At least 419 million people around the world are blocking advertising on their smartphones, according to a report PageFair released Tuesday… Expert quote: “There’s real price sensitivity in emerging markets. That’s why you see extensive use of Web-blocking browsers in China, India and Indonesia. Advertising eats up data, time […]

Twitter Loosens Tweet’s Leash

TechNewsWorld John Carroll, College of Communication Twitter on Tuesday announced a number of changes to tweets, including what will be included in a message’s 140-character count… Expert quote: “There are a lot people who will look on retweeting yourself with dismay. People are so self-obsessed that it could become a form of spam that clogs up […]