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Will candidates rise or fall as 2016 race pivots to terrorism, foreign policy?

Sinclair Broadcast Group John Carroll, College of Communication Democratic presidential candidates detailed their plans for combating ISIS Thursday as the focus of the 2016 campaign shifts to national security and foreign policy in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris last week… Expert quote: “There’s still going to be the issue of the refugee […]

With Fourth Republican Debate In 3 Months, Candidates Continue To Be Must-See TV, Analysts Say

International Business Times John Carroll, College of Communication The fluctuating race for the Republican presidential nomination has seen poll numbers rise and fall rise after each debate, prompting candidates’ campaigns to draft a list of demands for greater control in future debates, then abandoning those demands before continuing to complain about supposed unfairnesses in these events… Expert quote: “Candidates are using […]

Instagram Shows Off Collections in New Curated Video Channel

TechNewsWorld John Carroll, College of Communication Instagram last week began offering packaged videos tied to topical events, starting with a stream of video content to celebrate Halloween… Expert quote: “There’s such an incredible volume of material streaming into people all day long that one of the challenges is, how do you sort it out? Instagram is […]

GOP debate previews potential general election attacks on Clinton

Sinclair Broadcast Group John Carroll, College of Communication After two debates where Republican presidential candidates devoted a significant chunk of their time to attacking each other, Wednesday’s CNBC debate made it clear who some see as their real enemy: Hillary Clinton… Expert quote: “I think that’s going to be a common refrain that will come […]

Politics In Focus Ahead Of Clinton Testimony, But Benghazi Questions Remain

Sinclair Broadcast Group John Carroll, College of Communication Republicans and Democrats worked Wednesday to set the political stage for congressional testimony by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya that killed four Americans… Expert quote: “There’s going to be probably even more emotion in the exchanges between her […]