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Parents navigate political discussions with their children

Eagle Tribune Jennifer Greif Green & Melissa Holt, School of Education The most divisive presidential campaign in recent memory divided families, communities and the nation. Expert quotes: “It can be very helpful for parents to introduce the topic, that they’re willing or open to talk about it, and that can give the children the invitation […]

College friends can ease the pain of past bullying

Deccan Chronicle Melissa Holt, School of Education Jennifer Greif Green, School of Education A new study shows some cautious optimism for bullied students moving into college… Expert quotes: Holt: “Nobody in the field had really focused on college as an environment. Would entering college be a time of heightened risk? Or would the new environment […]

Experts Media Alert – The effects of graphic images from the Boston bomber trial on children

After two months of jury selection and several motions to change the venue, the Boston bomber trial is expected to last until June. The prosecution in the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev trial will present graphic evidence, including videos and photographs of the bombing which will undoubtedly be shown by the media and on the Internet exposing millions […]

Student hospitalizations spike, NPS teams up with BU to support kids emotionally Jennifer Greif Green, School of Education Students can’t learn to the best of their ability if they’re suffering internally, and school officials are taking note… Expert quote: “Research consistently shows that children with emotional problems are much less likely to feel like they belong and are connected to school, to pass their classes, and […]

Support ‘helpers’ on crisis duty

Boston Herald By Jennifer Greif Green, School of Education and Jonathan Comer,College of Arts & Sciences In the days following the Boston Marathon bombing, this quote by Fred Rogers circulated on websites and through social media: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to […]

What impact did the Boston Marathon bombing have on children?

As we approach the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, many of us will be exposed to the horrifying images and videos of that day. Jennifer Greif Green and Melissa Holt are professors in Boston University’s School of Education. In the following Q&A with Professor Voices, Green and Holt discuss their research on the […]