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TSA’s claws encounter

Boston Herald quoting Jelle Atema, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “TSA agents clawing through luggage at Logan International Airport discovered a live 20-plus-pound lobster in what one marine biologist said is an amazing catch, because crustaceans that big don’t fit into traps…” Expert quote: “It’s totally crazy to take a lobster out […]

What scientists could learn from more than 25,000 ‘digitized’ fish species

Christian Science Monitor Jelle Atema, College of Arts & Sciences Adam Summers strives toward an unusual goal: to run every fish in the world through a scanner… Expert quote: “If you get a 3-D reconstruction, you can actually look through the animal and see the different components of varying tissue density.” View full article

Fish Smell Like the Coral They Eat—Disguise Is New to Science

National Geographic Jelle Atema, College of Arts & Sciences Now this is one fish that would beat you in a game of hide-and-seek. New research shows coral-dwelling filefish camouflage themselves by not only looking, but alsosmelling like their prey… Expert quote: “It’s a clever study design and a nice contribution to the literature on chemical camouflage. They showed […]

Study Shows Sharks Combine All Their Senses to Hunt

Latin Post Jelle Atema, College of Arts & Sciences A first-of-its-kind study of how sharks hunt has found the long-feared fish are truly complete predators, using all of their senses in an array of different combinations and ways… Expert quote: “This is landmark work. Back in 1985, world experts in underwater animal senses met at Mote, […]