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What Rousseff’s impeachment means for Brazil’s struggling millions

The Conversation US By Jeffrey Rubin, College of Arts & Sciences In Brazil, right-wing parties and politicians are following constitutional procedures to oust the country’s democratically elected president, Dilma Rousseff. They claim that she made improper use of budgetary procedures to bolster her 2014 reelection campaign… View full article by expert Jeffrey Rubin

Brazil’s Unending World Cup: Twenty-Two Communities Still Fighting for Home in Fortaleza

TruthOut Jeffrey Rubin, College of Arts & Sciences The home of Cássia Sales and her family was destroyed by a World Cup light rail project, which is continuing to displace members of her community of 42 years in Fortaleza, Brazil… Expert quote: “People are not just saying, ‘World Cup! Wow! We’ve made it,’ which is […]

Experts Media Alert: Brazil election

Brazil will hold a runoff election for president on October 26. Latest polls show incumbent Dilma Rousseff  and challenger Aecio Neves are in a virtual dead heat. The economy was the key issue discussed by the two candidates during their most recent televised debate. Available for comment and analysis on the upcoming election is Jeffrey Rubin, professor […]

Brazil’s elections are a wake-up call for its business community—the country is moving ahead, with or without them

Reuters “The Great Debate Blog” By Jeffrey Rubin, College of Arts & Sciences, Institute on Culture, Religion, and World Affairs The face of power in Brazil is becoming ever more diverse.The top two candidates in Brazil’s presidential race on Sunday are both leftists and women, one of whom is black. They are President Dilma Rousseff of […]