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Every Move You Make, Every Bond You Break

Huffington Post By Jay Halfond, Metropolitan College Students tell us not to trust them. About three-quarters of all students self-report in various surveys that they are prone to cheat in their classes. And the many well-publicized scandals at some of America’s most renowned institutions only prove they mean what they say. Why is this?… View […]

Cheating, Student Authentication and Proctoring in Online Programs

The New England Journal of Higher Education Co-written by Jay Halfond, Metropolitan College This pitch is more than incredibly crass. It is really just outright pimping of hired poseurs to online students willing to “pay for performance.” With the massive growth of online education, such parasitic companies have sprung up like weeds, presenting a serious […]

The Exclamatory Cycle of Teaching

Huffington Post By Jay Halfond, Metropolitan College I now understand the fundamental difference between academic administration and faculty life. Being a dean was typically punctuated with semi-colons. Work was an ongoing continuum with slight changes along the way. Being a full-time professor, though, is punctuated by exclamation points… View full article by expert Jay Halfond