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The $5 Cereal That Provoked a London Mob

The Atlantic Japonica Brown-Saracino, College of Arts & Sciences I despise breakfast cereal. As in: feel-it’s-an-affront-to-civilization, why-add-insult-to-the-injury-of-morning-existence despise… Expert quote: “There are people who move into a neighborhood because they’re attracted to certain qualities of a place. On moving, they recognize that they are part of transforming the things that they value about a place. […]

Experts Media Alert – Boston 2024 Olympics

Earlier this year, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) selected Boston as their choice to be considered as host of the 2024 Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee will select the host city in September 2017. The city of Boston and the Boston 2024 Organizing Committee will hold a series of public meetings to give residents from around […]