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In NFL Probe, Even FBI Chiefs Risk ‘Motivated Blindness’

Bloomberg James Post, School of Management It’s becoming a time-worn script. Company gets in trouble. Public gets upset. Company hires former head of three-letter agency or former prosecutor to get to the bottom of said trouble in thick report. Public forgives… Expert quote: “These cases have become full-employment pools for former FBI officials. The pattern […]

Alibaba discloses powerful partners, reveals slowing growth

Reuters James Post, School of Management Alibaba Group Holding revealed the members of its powerful 27-person partnership and board on Monday, while disclosing that the Chinese e-commerce giant’s growth has slowed from the red-hot pace of recent quarters… Expert quote: “His family relationship is a negative from a Western governance point of view, but probably […]

Barra as Change Agent Collides With 32-Year Career at GM

Bloomberg James Post, School of Management General Motors Co. (GM)’s Mary Barra presented herself as a change agent during congressional testimony this week. Senator Barbara Boxer wasn’t buying… Expert quote: “First she has to communicate to every person in the company, in every part of the company, that this is a game-changing crisis and not something you […]