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Why the Promise of Cheap Fuel from Super Bugs Fell Short

Technology Review James Collins, College of Engineering The sell-off of synthetic biology pioneer LS9 goes to show that making biofuels from genetically engineered microbes is harder than though has yet to deliver economically… Expert quote: “In most cases, they were university lab demonstrations that weren’t ready for industrialization.” View full article  

Bioengineer builds molecular ‘switch’ to reprogram control pathways in cells

PhysOrg James Collins, College of Engineering A Stanford University bioengineer has helped develop a technology that can tweak the control systems that regulate the inner workings of cells, pointing the way toward future medical interventions that could switch off diseased states or turn on healthy processes… Expert quote: “It shows that we don’t need to […]

Study finds antibiotics may also harm patients’ cells

Boston Globe James Collins, College of Engineering For years, public health officials have been sounding an alarm about the overuse of antibiotics, noting that the powerful drugs that can quash an infection with few side effects can also spur the rise of drug-resistant “superbugs.”… Expert quote: “That’s not killing the cell or causing a lot […]

The Downside of Antibiotics?

The Scientist James Collins, College of Engineering In addition to the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant bugs, there may be another reason doctors should refrain from freely prescribing antibiotics… Expert quote: “We found that at clinical levels each of the antibiotics generated ROS and we showed that they do this in part by disrupting mitochondrial function.” […]

Silver really COULD be the new weapon against superbugs

Daily Mail James Collins, College of Engineering Silver could be a precious weapon in the fight against antibiotic resistance… Expert quote: “The number of antibiotic resistant strains in our hospitals and communities is growing and is growing dramatically and has been for some time. And this development is accompanied by a drop in new antibiotics […]