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Defeating the ‘superbugs’: New inventions to kill drug-resistant disease

Al Jazeera America James Collins, College of Engineering In the battle against disease-causing microbes, the bugs now seem to be winning. Antibiotic drugs, which were once so good at eliminating bacterial infections of all kinds, are rapidly losing the ability to control disease, a problem that gets worse every year… Expert quote: “You could use […]

Overcoming Resistance

The Scientist James Collins, College of Engineering Although researchers and drug developers have been sounding warnings for years about bacteria out-evolving medicine’s arsenal of antibiotics, the crisis is coming to a head. In the United States alone, some 23,000 people are killed each year by infections caused by drug-resistant bacteria, according to the Centers for […]

Scientists produce synthetic yeast chromosome, with help from Hopkins students

The Baltimore Sun James Collins, College of Engineering With the help of Johns Hopkins biomedical engineering students who spent years stringing bits of DNA together, scientists have built the world’s first synthetic yeast chromosome, which eventually could help the production of drugs, vaccines, biofuels and even beer… Expert quote: “This development enables new experiments on […]

Scientists Create Synthetic Yeast Chromosome (And Unlock the Future of Beer)

Popular Mechanics James Collins, College of Engineering From pest-resistant corn to creepy glowing fish, genetically engineered organisms are creeping into our lives. But most of today’s GMOs vary marginally from the original animal or plant—there is an addition or deletion of a couple genes, which is like adding or scrubbing a line from Hamlet and […]

‘Plant Nanobionics’ Shows Promise After Leaves Infused With Carbon Nanotubes Saw 30% Boost In Energy Production

International Business Times James Collins, College of Engineering The term “bionic plants” might conjure an image of a tree with metal hardware for branches, but the mechanics of it are actually far less science fiction-y. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found a way to infuse plants with carbon nanotubes in order to […]

‘Iron Man’ plants are supercharged by nanotech power

New Scientist James Collins, College of Engineering The story of Iron Man, in which a person gains spectacular abilities by infusing their body with technology, is still just fantasy. But the first Iron Plants have been made. A team of biologists and engineers has made bionic plants that have been upgraded with an injection of nanotechnology… Expert […]