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Synthetic Biologists Create Paper-Based Diagnostic for Ebola

Technology Review James Collins, College of Engineering Could complex genetic experiments one day be as simple to carry out as an over-the-counter pregnancy test? That’s the idea behind new research from James Collins, a synthetic biologist at Boston University, who says he’s been able to print the ingredients for simple DNA experiments on paper, freeze-dry them, […]

Next Generation: Freeze-Dried Gene Networks

The Scientist James Collins, College of Engineering Researchers devise a way to preserve bits of paper containing synthetic gene networks, which can be easily stored and widely distributed. Rehydrated, transcription and translation “come to life.”… Expert quote: “It turned out that this worked really well. These samples would work as well as the fresh-from-frozen stock, […]

How Antibiotics Kill Bacteria

Design & Trend James Collins, College of Engineering Scientists thought they knew the answer to how antibiotics kill bacteria… Expert quote: “Biology is complicated. The idea that scientists and drug companies can target all the physical expressions of a disease by going after just one gene is mostly wishful thinking.” View full article

Boston scientists develop analytics for stem cell engineering

Boston Business Journal James Collins, College of Engineering Scientists at Boston Children’s Hospital, the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University and Boston University have developed a computer algorithm to test stem cells, a breakthrough that has allowed scientists to regrow part of a colon in a mouse… Expert quote: “We can assess […]

Atlas biotech gets $29M to create healing bacteria

Boston Business Journal James Collins, College of Engineering Eight months after Flagship Ventureslaunched its biotech to develop drugs based on microorganisms in the human body, Atlas Venture today announced $29 million in financing for its entry into that field… Expert quote: “Bacteria have been shown to be an ideal vector for the production and delivery of drugs for […]

The war on superbugs

Science News for Students James Collins, College of Engineering Antibiotics are wonder drugs. They treat a range of bacterial infections, from battle wounds and pneumonia to tuberculosis and pinkeye. But these medicines are losing their edge. Germs are becoming immune to the drugs that had been created to slay them. This dangerous trend has been emerging […]