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Money for Nothing: How to Stop ‘Patent Trolls’ From Stifling Innovation

Business Week James Bessen, School of Law Michael Meurer, School of Law When it comes to smothering good ideas, no group does it better than the so-called patent trolls, also known by more flattering euphemisms as “patent assertion entities,” “nonproduct entities,” and “nonpracticing entities.”… View full article referencing expert James Bessen and Michael Meurer

States Revise Laws to Curb ‘Patent Trolls’

Wall Street Journal (subscription required) James Bessen, School of Law States are rewriting their laws to make it more difficult for so-called “patent trolls” to pursue small businesses over questionable patent claims… Expert quote: “The vast majority of these lawsuits are from bottom-feeders that send out letters to all sorts of small companies.” View full […]

The Lesson of the Power Loom

Slate By James Bessen, School of Law Much of today’s technology is powered by software that developers share freely. The leading Web server software (Apache), the leading smartphone operating system (Android), and most of the code of the leading Web browsers (Chrome, Firefox) are open source… View full article by expert James Bessen

In Pursuit of Knowledge, and Profit

Slate James Bessen, School of Law A few weeks ago, administrators at Penn State University did something they believed had never been attempted in American academia: The school put about 70 engineering patents up for auction and tried to sell them to the highest bidder… Expert quote: “The universities aren’t acting as trolls themselves, but they’re […]