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China Suspends Fuel Sales To North Korea Amid Tense Times

International Business Times quoting William Keylor, Pardee School of Global Studies/ College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “The China National Petroleum Corporation, the country’s state-owned gas and oil company, has ceased sales to North Korea due to fear of lack of payment according to a Reuters report Wednesday…” Expert quote: “This move is reputed to […]

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Is Shrinking, But The Planet Remains Hot: Here’s Possibly Why

International Business Times James O’Donoghue, College of Arts & Sciences An energy mystery that has long confused scientists may have been solved. Astronomers have wondered about the source of Jupiter’s high temperatures in its upper atmosphere considering the planet is so far away from the Sun — 483.8 million miles, to be precise… Expert quote: “With […]

Hillary Clinton Supporters Eager For Her To Face Donald Trump In 2016 Presidential Race

International Business Times Virginia Sapiro, College of Arts & Sciences Hillary Clinton has said the antidote to Donald Trump is “love and kindness.”… Expert quote: “Rubio has decided to fight Trump for the people who are supporting Trump. Hillary will not win that group, she doesn’t need that group and she doesn’t want that group. […]

Will Republicans Run A Third-Party Conservative To Stop Trump? It’s Possible But Risky

International Business Times Bruce Schulman, College of Arts & Sciences With just two weeks left before the hourglass runs out for Republicans like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio or Ohio Gov. John Kasich to show they can mount a serious challenge to Donald Trump, the question of how to take down the front-runner should they fail has made […]

China-Latin America Relations: In Ecuador, Dependency On Beijing Financing Of Development Projects Raises Fears, Uncertainty For Some

International Business Times Kevin Gallagher, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies The long stretch of roadway snaking through the parched, rolling hills outside this sleepy Ecuadorean port city will one day wind up at the foot of one of the country’s most buzzed-about development projects: a mega-refinery that will transform Ecuador […]

With Fourth Republican Debate In 3 Months, Candidates Continue To Be Must-See TV, Analysts Say

International Business Times John Carroll, College of Communication The fluctuating race for the Republican presidential nomination has seen poll numbers rise and fall rise after each debate, prompting candidates’ campaigns to draft a list of demands for greater control in future debates, then abandoning those demands before continuing to complain about supposed unfairnesses in these events… Expert quote: “Candidates are using […]

Pension Funds Considering Fossil Fuel Divestment, Socially Responsible Investments Get Boost From Labor Department

International Business Times David Webber, School of Law The U.S. Department of Labor has withdrawn an arcane George W. Bush-era measure that critics say discouraged pension trustees from making socially responsible investment decisions — like divesting from energy companies that contribute to climate change… Expert quote: “The rationale can’t be, ‘We hate coal, we’re dumping it, […]

Theo Epstein, Curse Killer: How Chicago Cubs Exec’s ‘Moneyball’ Approach Sparked NLCS Run

International Business Times Andy Andres, College of General Studies Theo Epstein, architect of a ragtag group of young Chicago Cubs sluggers and resurgent veterans, has affirmed his reputation as baseball’s resident curse killer — regardless of whether the Cubs overcome their 3-0 deficit against the New York Mets in the National League Championship Series… Expert quote: […]

Study: Sleep apnea may increase risk of gout

International Business Times Yuqing Zhang, School of Medicine People suffering from sleep apnea have a 60 percent higher risk of gout, a new study reveals. In the research, which appeared in the journal Arthritis & Rheumatology, the authors sought to establish the association of the commonly diagnosed sleeping disorder to the risk of gout… Expert quote: “Since sleep […]

Amid Kunduz Takeover, Who Is Funding The Taliban? Iran, Drug Money Fuels Afghanistan Conflict

International Business Times Thomas Barfield, College of Arts & Sciences Afghan forces, supported by NATO airstrikes, stepped up an intense campaign Tuesday to retake the northern Afghanistan city of Kunduz a day after Taliban militants drove out Afghan forces and raised their trademark white flag throughout the strategically significant city… Expert quote: “People living in Kunduz had been complaining to […]