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Book sparks fresh debate over suspicious death of Jan Masaryk

Radio Prague Igor Lukes, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies A book issued at the end of last year has more than woken up a rather tired and threadbare debate about the death of former Czechoslovak foreign minister Jan Masaryk in 1948… Expert quote: “I think the main breakthrough of the […]

Tarnished heroes: don’t dismiss them

The Conversation US By Igor Lukes, College of Arts & Sciences The release of a documentary film in the Czech Republic earlier this year caused much controversy. It is about a dissident named Pavel Wonka who fought against the totalitarian regime in Communist Czechoslovakia… View full article by expert Igor Lukes

Prague’s velvet: wearing off 25 years later

The Conversation US By Igor Lukes, College of Arts & Sciences The United States had just gone through a bruising election, but in Congress Democratic and Republican leaders gathered to unveil the bust of Vaclav Havel, the playwright and first post-Communist Czech president and only the fourth non-American to be installed in this hallowed space… View […]

Putin’s Regret? Victory in Crimea Set the Stage for Losses

2Paragraphs Igor Lukes, College of Arts & Sciences In March Russia seized 26,000 square kilometers of Ukrainian territory in Crimea. It then sent armed personnel to eastern Ukraine, cut off gas to Kiev for the third time in eight years, and launched large military maneuvers along the borders… View full article by Igor Lukes

Communist secret police operations under the spotlight thanks to Andrej Babiš affair

Radio Prague Igor Lukes, College of Arts & Sciences Last week’s decision by a Bratislava court that Czech finance minister Andrej Babiš was falsely described as being an agent of the Communist era secret police has sparked a lively debate about the apparent clearing of his name… Expert quote: “Comparing anything or anyone to the […]

Putin’s actions in Ukraine sow fear across former Soviet empire

Los Angeles Times Igor Lukes, College of Arts & Sciences President Obama’s pledge to defend allies in the former communist states of Eastern Europe and to seek $1 billion from Congress to bolster regional defenses might be Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nightmare come to life… Expert quote: “It seems Mr. Putin has decided to test […]

Ukraine Crisis, Sanctions Taking Toll on Russia Economy

Voice of America Igor Lukes, College of Arts & Sciences Although Russian leaders have downplayed the impact of recent U.S. and European sanctions, analysts say capital has been pouring out of the country as risk-averse investors seek safer returns… Expert quote: “I think what has to happen is that the sanctions have to have an […]