Will More Parents Choose Gender Predetermination?

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This Mental Health Issue Is More Prevalent Than All Forms Of Cancer Combined

Huffington Post Todd Farchione, College of Arts & Sciences, Center for Anxiety & Related Disorders As many as 4.3 million American adults who work full-time have experienced an anxiety disorder in the past year, according to a new study… Expert quote: “There are ways to get help and there is more than one option available. They […]

High School Senior Suspended On Last Day Of School Over Dress Length

Huffington Post Carrie Preston, College of Arts & Sciences An Idaho high school senior is speaking out after she was suspended with just minutes left in the school year because of a dispute about the length of her dress… Expert quote: “It’s certainly going to give women the idea that the exposure of their bodies […]

We Need To Stop Pretending Work-Life Balance Is A Woman’s Issue

Huffington Post Erin Reid, Questrom School of Business It’s time for everyone to come out of the closet. Not that closet. I’m talking about the white-collar trap where those of us who wish to have lives outside of the office hide our true feelings and instead fake like we’re working all the time… Expert quote: “Work-life […]