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Where Does the Brain Store Long-Ago Memories?

Scientific American Howard Eichenbaum, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “When the now-famous neurological patient Henry Molaison had his brain’s hippocampus surgically sectioned to treat seizures in 1953, science’s understanding of memory inadvertently received perhaps its biggest boost ever…” Expert quote: “The study “provides compelling evidence about where and when specific neurons contribute […]

Demystifying the Brain’s GPS

The Scientist Howard Eichenbaum, College of Arts & Sciences If you’ve ever found yourself walking a few city blocks only to realize you’ve gone in completely the wrong direction, you’ll appreciate the importance of the brain’s ability to keep track of its location and navigate effectively… Expert quote: “What’s particularly impressive to me in the […]

Brains may have their own version of Google maps, according to study of mice

The Daily Dot Howard Eichenbaum, College of Arts & Sciences Have you ever wondered how anyone actually knows where they’re going?… Expert quote: “The finding is important because it enriches our understanding of how these two functions in navigation (stable map, marking currently important places) are organized.” View full article

Hippocampus makes maps of social space, too

Science News Howard Eichenbaum, College of Arts & Sciences Cells in a brain structure known as the hippocampus are known to be cartographers, drawing mental maps of physical space… Expert quote: “What’s being tapped in all of these studies is that we are looking at a framework, whether it’s a physical spatial framework, a social […]