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Black patients half as likely to receive pain medication as white patients, study finds

The Guardian Astha Singhal, Goldman School of Dental Medicine Findings show racial bias in emergency room prescriptions for ‘non-definitive’ pain, as advocates say lack of diversity in medical field may exacerbate situation… Expert quote: “A black patient with the same level of pain and everything else being accounted for was much less likely to receive […]

Boston University Establishes Varnish Outreach in Nicaragua

Dentistry Today Michelle Henshaw, Goldman School of Dental Medicine Michelle Henshaw, MPH, DDS, and student Henry Capezio of Boston University (BU) travelled to Estelí in Nicaragua this past Thanksgiving to implement a fluoride varnish program for the city’s preschoolers… Expert quote: “The teachers came in with note pads and were taking notes. They were just […]