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The convention speeches Trump and Clinton should give

The Globe and Mail Tammy Vigil, College of Communication It is arguably the most important political speech of a presidential candidate’s life… Expert quote: “For me, they always matter because they are part of a bigger discussion of who we are and where we’re moving as a people. So as part of a national dialogue, they […]

Doomed Hitomi satellite yields rare glimpse of galactic gas

The Globe and Mail Elizabeth Blanton, College of Arts & Sciences After the Juno probe’s flawless entry into orbit around Jupiter this week, it’s easy to forget that space missions sometimes go catastrophically wrong… Expert quote: “The Perseus observations from Hitomi have given us an important first look at the gas motions in a galaxy […]

Donald Trump and his uneasy relationship with the teleprompter

The Globe and Mail Tammy Vigil, College of Communication In the Donald Trump world view there are two kinds of politicians – those who use teleprompters to deliver a speech and those who use memory, smarts and charisma to connect with audiences… Expert quote: “He tried early on, at least in the primaries, to make the […]

Debunking the myth of the family dinner

The Globe and Mail Daniel Miller, School of Social Work Over the years, it’s become accepted wisdom that home-cooked family meals make for happier and healthier children. Studies suggests those casseroles and pot roasts protect kids from obesity, decrease the likelihood of drug use, depression and delinquency, and boost academic performance… Expert quote: “In our […]

French President Hollande likely to attend U.S. state dinner without a date

The Globe and Mail Erik Goldstein, College of Arts & Sciences French President François Hollande’s suddenly public romantic entanglements have forced some re-arranging of chairs at next week’s glittering White House state dinner. It seems Mr. Hollande won’t be bringing either the jilted French first lady or his actress-mistress to the White House… Expert quote: “They […]