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Does gene editing research pose a national security risk?

World Magazine George Annas, School of Public Health As bioethicists and scientists debate the ethics of genetic manipulation through processes like CRISPR and MRT, a recent poll shows genetic editing has yet to gain approval from the majority of Americans, including the U.S. director of national intelligence… Expert quote: “They support research because they think cures […]

OPINION: Zika virus is not Ebola

Boston Globe (subscription required) By George Annas, School of Public Health Sandro Galea, School of Public Health Donald Thea, School of Public Health Just last week, the World Health Organization last week announced that the Zika virus was “spreading explosively.” Today, it declared Zika “a public health emergency of international concern.”… View full article by […]

Do voters have the right to know presidential candidates’ health histories? George Annas, School of Public Health On Monday, Donald Trump released a statement by his personal physician that said he’d lost 15 pounds in the last year, takes aspirin daily and a low dose of statin and has “astonishingly excellent” lab test results and blood pressure… Expert quote: “The public has a right to know […]

Wondering if you have the gene linked to Alzheimer’s? You may have to leave the U.S. to find out

Washington Post George Annas, School of Public Health Suppose you want to know if you have the gene linked to Alzheimer’s disease, or the one for breast cancer, or the one pertaining to how you handle caffeine… Expert quote: “To say there’s information about yourself that you can’t have – that’s certainly a tough sell […]

Ben Carson May Have Had Prostate Problems After His Surgery

Wall Street Journal (subscription required) George Annas, School of Public Health GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson, who underwent surgery for prostate cancer in 2002, suggested Tuesday in an interview he had a recurrence of the disease, or problems related to it, seven years later… Expert quote: “We keep that information private because people make decisions […]