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Ethical Guidelines on Lab-Grown Embryos Beg for Revamping, Scientists Say

Scientific America George Annas, School of Public Health For nearly 40 years scientists have observed their self-imposed ban on doing research on human embryos in the lab beyond the first two weeks after fertilization… Expert quote: “George Annas, director of Boston University School of Public Health’s Center for Health Law, Ethics and Human Rights, says […]

No red line against CRISPR’ing early embryos, experts rule

STAT News George Annas, School of Public Health For more than a year, 22 of the world’s leading geneticists, bioethicists, physicians, and legal scholars have been wrestling with thorny questions posed by the revolutionary advances in scientists’ ability to edit the human genome… Expert quote: “Bioethicist George Annas of Boston University, who reviewed the report […]